Small engine repair class

Did you take your toys apart when you were 5? How about making a Go Kart run? Do you think that you might like to build a Hover Craft? Ever want to build racing engines? Start by learning how to take apart a lawn mower engine and put it back together! Learn more about the class

  • “I have like “REALLY” enjoyed this class. I have enjoyed taking the engine apart putting back together and trying to start the engine (even though it would not run). I have also enjoyed learning what tools are called (that you use to take things apart such as a engine). I have enjoyed working with the teacher who has answered every question we ask, to the best of his ability. If he ever does do a “MECHANICS ADVANCED” class, or whatever it is called, if there is room I would love to do it.”
    Kenny, home-school student, Spring 2014
  • “As a former student of Mr. Barnes at the college level, I can say without a doubt what an excellent teacher and mentor he is. His class preparation was always spot on and he was able to answer any questions to everyone's satisfaction. He always made classes interesting and fun.”
    Bill, former student
  • “Thank you Mr. Barnes. For everything you have done for me. As my teacher you taught me more then just how to fix vehicles. You taught me that a man who loves and walks with Christ wins. We didn't talk to much about God but we didn't have to. By your actions and by your words it was very apparent you had something I wanted. So thank you for guiding me to be the man I've longed to be with my walk with Christ and with my knowledge for the job I was born to do. You will always be more then just a school teacher in my eyes.”
    Jordan, former student

The Class

Lawnmower/Small Engine Class
  • The Crankin Engines class gives you a hands-on approach to learning about lawn mower engines by giving you the opportunity to take one apart and put it back together!
  • Safety, tool usage, theory and engine operation are all covered in the instructional modules.
  • Exposure to small engine mechanical operation opens your imagination to many ideas for home-based business and entrepreneurship.
Parent's Corner
  • The Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Curriculum is an Applied Science. Students learn the science and theory behind the combustion engine as well as the practical exercise of tearing down an engine and rebuilding it.
  • Students will describe engine components and the basic four stroke engine operation.
  • Students will partially or completely disassemble and reassemble a Briggs and Stratton engine.
  • Different learning styles? No problem. Both the hands-on learner and the diagnostician will be glued to this class.
  • Explore engines and fundamental mechanical principles economically.
  • Safety principles are taught and stressed during the class.
  • Quizzes are included for each class as well as alternate ways for students to demonstrate mastery.
  • Students can optionally build a work portfolio with writing, drawings, and videos.
Weekly Class Highlights
  1. The Four Stroke Cycle.
  2. Fire safety demonstration. Remove the cylinder head and fuel system.
  3. Describe the combustion chamber condition. Remove the crankcase breather. Measure valve clearance. Describe and use the feeler gauge. Remove the flywheel.
  4. Measure the bore size and stroke. Remove the crankcase cover. Remove the piston.
  5. Remove, inspect and reinstall the crankshaft.
  6. Install the piston.
  7. Install the flywheel.
  8. Install the brake control assembly. (Kill Switch)
  9. Disassemble, clean and replace the carburetor and fuel tank.
  10. Start the engine.
  11. Review and wrap up.
Crankin Engines equips you to explore engines and learn simple mechanical principles.

What's included in the class?

Instructor’s Curriculum
Suitable for the self-taught student or a parent and a group
  • Includes Instructor’s Manual and flash drive.
  • Class material for 11 weeks.
  • PowerPoints included for every week.
  • PowerPoints include videos of specific procedures.
  • Videos of specific procedures are included in a separate folder as well.
More Equipping...
But wait, there's more! (we just had to say that)
  • Source your own engines (we show you how) or purchase them from Crankin Engines. Tip: don't use your parent's lawn mower for the class!
  • Some special tools are needed. Special Toolkits are available with the special tools and materials you need. (sold separately) What comes in the kit?
  • Stubby Screwdriver
  • 6” # 2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Plastic fishing lure box
  • Automotive valve stem (core removed)
  • Spark plug wrench
  • 1/4” Socket Set ¼, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, ½” sockets
  • Feeler gauge set
  • 6” Copper wire 14 gauge
  • Rubber stopper
  • Piston Ring Compressor
  • 1” X12” strip of 150 grit emery cloth
  • Gasket scrapers
  • (and the class shows how to use all of these!)

What’s In the Works...
We aren't stopping now, we're just gettin, well, you know...
  • Advanced class
  • Basic maintenance class
Crankin to the next power!
Are you a homeschooling parent who loves to tinker? Multiply yourself by joining up with a like-minded parent in your community. Share the expense of an Instructor’s Manual with another family. It’s like getting the Instructor’s class for the price of TWO students!
It's Affordable
The Instructor's Class costs $150.
What you get:
  • The Instructor's Manual
  • The Instructor's flash drive with
    • All the PowerPoints
    • A boatload of videos
  • Money-back guarantee - if you are not satisfied, return the course within 30 days and we will refund your money.

The value of learning shop safety is priceless. Crankin Engines provides an introduction to safe practice in the home shop while working on small engines.

About Us

  • "This Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Curriculum is an Applied Science. I designed it for students with varied learning styles so they could explore engines and simple mechanical principles economically."

    Rankin Barnes of High Point, NC, has 32 years experience teaching Automotive Technology at state and community colleges. He was the recipient of the Presidents Award for Teaching Innovation and the Excellence in Teaching Award.

    He has owned and managed automotive repair businesses and has established apprentice programs.


    Bryan Dubois pursues new concepts for work and education. He envisions apprenticetowns – places of local experimentation – where technical, business and liberal arts curricula are developed and delivered while students work in creative, productive enterprises. Family associations and local churches are challenged to formulate their distinctive Biblical life curricula. What are we compelled to teach - really teach - to our sons and daughters . . . and to our adopted sons and daughters?

    Bryan is a self-taught engineer with expertise in product development and manufacturing. He leads the special projects engineering team for a US-based manufacturer and worldwide seller of communications equipment. Bryan builds teams, listens, and helps each member find their way forward. We need to find new ways to work and learn in a changing world, and new ways to assemble people, young and old.

    Apprenticetown commissions research and experimentation asking, “What must be written and who can write it? What must be tried and who can try it?" Long an advocate of apprenticeship, Rankin Barnes has partnered with Apprenticetown to bring this course to counties across America. Apprenticetown believes Crankin Engines is an important step towards the re-introduction of apprenticeships in the automotive and engine repair trades.

    Apprenticetown is a co-sponsor of Crankin Engines. For more on Apprenticetown and its approach to alternative education, visit

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